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Sejahtera Club is a co-curricular education initiative led by RCE Penang and facilitated by primary and secondary schools, which has been created with the aim of developing students’ leadership capabilities in ESD. The clubs take place at schools in the afternoons and are focused on the development of third order skills. RCE Penang provides 1-1 support and guidance to schools and teachers to develop ESD projects and resources for the clubs.

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Jejak Lestari @ Menara Ilmu


Jejak Lestari @ Menara Ilmu is one of the Kelab Sejahtera pilot projects which starts in 2015. The idea of this project is mainly for the Kelab Sejahtera members to get benefits from the sustainability inititives done by Universiti Sains Malaysia. This concept is suits with the role of RCE Penang and USM which is to share and transfer the knowledge and expertise to the community; so that it will grows within the community itself. 

In 2015, this projects focused on the sustainability in environmental initiatives with the help from the EcoHub USM. The members of Kelab Sejahtera are exposed to species of herbs and trees at EcoHub bythe staffs of EcoHub. They are then exchange their thougths and knowledge among themselves from the input given. 

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Apart from being introduced to the environmental sustainability initiatives by USM, the participants will get to each other more since they came from different schools in Penang. 



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