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Nurture Through Nature

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On 07 October 2017, the Regional Centre of Expertise Penang (RCE Penang), Universiti Sains Malaysia organized its first programme for youths called "Nurture through Nature". The programme was aimed at attracting and nurturing their interest in various aspects of biodiversity, forest ecology, and environmental sustainability issues. The programme also included a briefing on turtle conservation efforts by the Turtle Information and Conservation Centre at Keracut Beach in Penang National Park, and the release of the turtles into the sea. The participants for this programme were USM students and supported by Persatuan Aktivis Sahabat Alam – KUASA. Throughout the programme, they were exposed to the environmental issues which can be seen around Penang, as well as shared opinions and suggestions on this issue. They were also exposed to the concept of sustainability and application of conservation concepts in environmental management as well as related issues.

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Text by: Nur Syazwana Hamzah

Credits to: Encik Mazlan Hanafi Bin Basharudin



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