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The Mural Art Project is part of a community engagement and is important to improve the image of Kg Dew which is well known of their fireflies. The mural portrays the life cycle of  fireflies and information that are created in cooperation with the community of Kg. Dew. Community project that is related to art especially mural, is a strong and effective tool to educate the public especially the tourists about fireflies. Through this programme, the volunteers can contribute to a sustainable use of public spaces and it also helps to improve the local identity that symbolizes the area, hence promoting tourism leading to an increase in economic importance.


    • To educate, engage and enhance community about fireflies through public wall art.
    • To acknowledge the art skills of volunteers throughout the programme.
    • To enhance and cultivate moral values towards volunteers and the community.

Public murals are popular because the illustration is eye-catching hence it can help people to understand better. This mural art project also helps the community to improve their economic importance, with the goal of promoting tourism by making the place more attractive for visitors. It will portray the identity of Kampung Dew and visitors can learn about the fireflies as illustrated on this mural. In addition, the volunteers are able to develop their creativity and contribute back to the community through mural art that benefits the public.

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