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Development of Teachers training Module (Preschool and Primary School) for Water Education

Water plays an important role as it is a basic requirement to sustain life. Water is used for personal needs, irrigation in agriculture, and also in industry to produce various products. Water not only affect organisms directly, but also affect the economy and the environment globally. According to WWAP (2015), safe and clean water is an important element in sustainable development as it contributes to the reduction of poverty, the growth of economy, environmental sustainability and to improve the overall aspect of an individual such as health aspect and food supply.

For this reason, water education is needed.  Teachers need to be exposed in various ways such as water saving, water reuse, recycle in ensuring water is sufficient for future generation.  Our workshops will facilitate, educate and promote awareness, knowledge, appreciation and stewardship about water use.  Therefore, teachers will be exposed to hands-on and minds-on activities in providing experiences about the sustainability of water use.  Thus module development is necessary. 

This module development is fully funded by International Hydrological Programme (IHP).

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