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Poster webinar KGHL


The next webinar that is scheduled on 19th November 2015 will be postponed to29th November 2015, Sunday from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM (UTC+8); a side event during the Karnival gaya Hidup Lestari (KGHL) 2015 at Dewan Utama Pelajar, Universiti Sains Malaysia

You may go to this link to join this last webinar!!! https://goo.gl/vtp8xQ


poster webinars RESIZED

This CPD webinar series aims to introduce the concept of ESD at the school level and showcase good practice examples that can inspire schools and teachers to engage in sustainability. The aim is to involve participants in understanding the main concepts, processes and teaching pedagogies associated with ESD as well as learning from others with an extensive experience in embedding ESD within schools.

CPD ESD Webinars are relevant to local and international colleagues engaged in ESD at the school level. To join a webinar, please click on the link provided for each talk.

Join us at the next webinar on 29th Nov 2015 from 9.00 AM to 11.00 AM (UTC+8)! 


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