Welcoming our newest RSEN member from Capetown, South Africa!


We had a visit from Abdullah Waggie, the Director of Ieglaasi Nieyah Education Organization (pronounced as 'Ikhlas Niyah @ Niat'). He runs his own Islamic School Ieglaasi Nieyah Primary School in Capetown South Africa. Along with him is Khalid Shah and his wife Nurfini who runs an NGO called Ehsan Solutions

Abdullah Waggie , a malay Capetown born from the last generation of Malay descendants who was exiled from Indonesia to curb from spreading nationalism by the Dutch East India Company in 1654. As the result, Islam spreads in Capetown and form their own Malay community. Abdullah Waggie is on his own personal tour to visit Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore which was one of the Malay Archipelagoes to trace his Malay heritage by visiting Malay community he is in touch with and also other stakeholders such as academic institution, foundation etc. This visit is to enable him to find ways in reviving and preserving Malay heritage back in Capetown, he is also writing a book on his journey.

One of his upcoming plan is to install a water system that can recycle the water from the Wudhu' in nearby mosque and also in his school that can help to grow plants around the school as well. This water system was inspired after visiting the Rooftop Garden set up by the ECOPRO team at the School of Industrial Technology.

He is also one of the founder of a Free Market (https://www.facebook.com/freemarketsa @ http://freemarket.co.za/about/) that attracted 550 traders to trade using gold and silver coin (Dinar and Dirham) every Sunday since 2013. No tax or rent are charged on the traders, and no booking are required to set up their stall, and the customers and traders can trade freely (even barter) as long as the buyer & seller agrees on the exchange.

Therefore, it is a great pleasure to inform that his organization is now our newest RSEN member which we hope to be able to collaborate with through his Islamic School: 
Ieglaasi Nieyah Primary School in the future!



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